Running Compilation Video

For this assignment, we had to make a compilation of similar things then add music to it.  I wasn’t sure what I was going to do at first.  I just sat there thinking.  I started thinking about movies and certain things that happen in movies.  That’s when I thought of it.  There are a lot of famous running scenes, even if it’s not that famous there are a lot of them.  So that is what I chose.  The music was easy and is actually from the movie that is in the first clip which is “Chariots of Fire.”  It ended up fitting perfectly.  That music goes perfect with any running scene really.

This is the first time I ever used iMovie so it was a little tricky at first.  But after I googled how to use it, it got a lot simpler.  I looked up on YouTube “running scenes from movies”, I found a few that I liked.  Next I uploaded them to iMovie.  I cut them down, so I could get the running scenes and a good amount of them.  Next, I found the song and added it to the video after I got rid of the other audio. Lastly, I added an opening page and a credits page.  I actually enjoyed using iMovie.

This relates to digital storytelling because you’re making a video yourself.  It is telling a story in a way that you understand what the video is about.  Running, specifically in movies.

Assignment Prompt

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