TV show trailer -Will & Grace

For this assignment, we had to pick a show that has already ended and make a trailer.  One of my favorite shows – all time is Will & Grace.  This show ran from 1998 to 2006 on NBC.  It’s about the friendship between 4 adults living in New York.  The two main guy characters are gay, one always seemingly drunk women (but my favorite character) and an adventurous red head.  The song that is playing during the video is called “Love Will Keep Us Together” by Captain & Tennille.  I chose this song because I remember an episode where Will and Grace sang it to each other.  I thought it went perfectly with the clips.  I chose the clips that best represented all of the characters.  There were countless others I could have used but these worked the best.

I used iMovie again, this time I knew what to do so it didn’t take as long.  I found all of the clips on YouTube.  I already had the song that I wanted to use in my iTunes.  For some of the clips I took out the dialogue completely and for some of them the song was quieter so you could hear the dialogue.

This goes hand and hand with digital storytelling because I made basically a montage of the show.  You can kind of get a feel of what it is about and understand the hilarity that ensues!

Assignment Prompt

Tv show trailer

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3 Responses to TV show trailer -Will & Grace

  1. Usman Khalid says:

    Your video is blocked because of the copyrights. You might want to take a look

  2. Alex Hollyer says:

    Great video, seems to work fine now!

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