Weekly Summary #4

This week was all about video.  There were parts that I definitely enjoyed more than others.  I actually really enjoyed using iMovie for the two assignments that I did.  I had never used it before so at first it was hard but I got the hang of it pretty quickly.  I believe that I completed the assignments pretty well.  More effort was put into that rather than the daily creates if I am being honest.  Everything else went pretty smoothly.  It was interesting to learn and read about what Ebert had to say.  A lot of this week was very familiar to me as I took a film class Fall of 2014.  I had done analyses of shots and scenes in movies before.  That was my least favorite part however because of how tedious it is.

Reading Movies

Reading Movies

Look, Listen, Analyze

Look, Listen, Analyze


Running Compilation Video

TV show trailer – Will & Grace

Create your own assignment

Pop Star out of place – prompt


Pop Star out of place tutorial

Daily Creates

Magical Light

Hyperbolic Tiling



Beach lovin’

Last Friday Night

Response to tv trailer

Response to magical light

This week was obviously one of the most easiest ways to describe digital storytelling.  You actually used video to tell a story or to understand how the story was made with either emotions or camera techniques.  I enjoyed this week very much.

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