Week 2

This week was definitely a little more challenging than the first.  But I did learn a lot of new things.  I think that I completed the assignments pretty well for the most part.  The only things that gave me trouble were creating the Gifs.  I have a lot to learn with them, but I believe I can get the hang of it.  I really enjoyed making the “suspect board” assignment.  I had a lot of fun with that.  My mind wandered and I got creative.  If I could do anything over again, it would definitely be the Gifs.  The only outside issue of this week was that for a little, I thought my computer had gotten a virus because it was acting up.  But it is alright as I’m writing this now!

Vignelli Reflection Post



What a wonderful world

Daily Creates

Recycling Selfie

Make a bad photo better

Favorite Day with Friends

Mona Lisa works at the DMV

Design Assignments 

Guess the Movie

Designing a License Plate

DS106 Background

Who stole bobby flay’s favorite pan?

Just here for the treats

Animated Gif Assignments

Keep Away from Peyton Manning

moooove over

Assignment Ideas

Decorate the rock


Favorite Places comment

Bad drawing made better

Gif Assignment #1

Anaconda trading card

I learned a lot about design, and graphic design this week.  Especially through the Vignelli reading and the design blitz.  There is so much more than just drawing a picture on a piece of paper or whatever you draw on.  I think this will influence the way I look at digital/visual storytelling in the future.  I’ll question the artist’s thinking and process. Design is a big part of visual storytelling and it takes time and practice.

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