Week 3

This week was definitely the most challenging by far.  I mean it wasn’t terrible but it took some work.  I enjoyed some of it though.  I think I completed the assignments pretty well but I definitely could have done better.  Maybe I could have put more effort into it. What I enjoyed the most was listening to “The Truth” radio show.  It was very entertaining,  I could see myself listening them for fun in the future.  I learned a lot about what happens behind the scenes of radio shows, and what makes them so special and still relevant.  The things I would have done differently would have probably been the assignments.  I probably would have explored all the different options and tried something harder.  The only issue I had this week that came from “the outside” was that my computer had adware on it, so I had to use the computer at work.  It’s all fixed now but that gave me some trouble.

Ira Glass and Jad Abumrad

The World of Audio Storytelling

There are many points that both these guys made.  Ira Glass mainly talked about the process of telling a story over the radio.  He mentions how to get it started and where to go from there.  Glass mentions that not everyone starts out amazingly.  It takes a while.  You have to be tough and willing to take chances.  There are many pitfalls too.  You have to have a good personality and be yourself.

Jad Abumrad mainly talked about his passion for it.  He talks about how radio was supposed to “die” but it hasn’t seemed to yet.  Jad talks about how important it is, and how imaginative it is.

The Truth

The Truth – Falling, It’s Going to Change your life, and the Modern Prometheus

I listened to the three stories listed above.  I picked them because the description of “The Truth” was “movie for your ears.”  I wanted to be entertained, and I was!  These stories basically had a cast of characters.  When you listened, you pictured the scene in your head.  That is what was great about it, it was left up to your imagination.  They played music and sound effects in the background which gave it such a real feel to it.


It’s Going to Change your Life

The Modern Prometheus

Audio Assignments


Where Great Minds get to work and eagles soar!

Daily Creates


Beautiful Day in the Park

Basic Elements of drawing

Thanks for your time


Basic Element Drawing

Paper and Hand Drawing

Pen a tweet

Paper and Hand Drawing 2

Do you hear what I hear

Summary of Feedback

From the comments I am getting, it seems to me that I am doing and ok job.  A lot of us think a like and have the same thoughts.  I should branch out a little, maybe go the extra mile however.

What I learned this week

What I learned this week is how radio works, and how important/relevant it still is.  I learned about the different techniques that are used and that can be used.  I found the connection to audio and digital/visual storytelling.  They really go hand in hand.  With audio, you don’t really need the video part of it.  This week was really an eyeopener.


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