Weekly Summaries


This first week of digital storytelling was an experience.  It made me realize that yes, it is a lot of work but it can also be a lot of fun.  I think that for my first week, that I completed the assignments pretty well.  I could have been more creative.  I did pick a lot of easy ones, but it was with what I had access to at the time.  I didn’t have that much trouble, besides figuring out the whole domain thing.  My favorite assignment was the spubble one! I enjoyed that one a lot.  Throughout the first week, I learned a lot about editing techniques…and also how to upload a video to youtube! If I had to do anything different, it would probably be harder assignments, I need to challenge myself.  I need to try and explore a little, find parts for assignments outside.

Setting up the domain was only a little confusing because I had one previously for my freshmen seminar, but I couldn’t figure out how to change the name of the website so that I could relate it to digital storytelling instead of “Race and Revolution.”  Setting up all other social media was easy.  I already had a google account so that helped.  Flickr, Twitter, and SoundCloud were all step-by-step.

Multimodel Blog Introductions

Blog Intro

SoundCloud Intro

Twitter Intro

Flickr Intro

Youtube Intro

Customizing my blog was fairly easy for me.  I had had experience with customizing WordPress previously for my marketing class.  We had to make a website, and we really had to make it our own.  I wanted to make sure my twitter feed was on there for sure.  I could still probably make it more pretty, but I like the blue.  To me it represents UMW.

Photo Safari and Reflection


Daily Creates

Where I Stand

Pick an Opening Line

Silence is…

Visual Assignments


Pet Collage

Color Changer

What’s in your bag?

Common Everyday Object


Comment on Pet Collage

Comment on Opening Line

Comment on Pet Collage (2)

Visual Storytelling is something that I have never done before (at least I think).  At least not like this.  I honestly felt like I could be creative in ways I have never imagined.  This class has showed me that there are many ways, online and off, that can aide you in your visual story.  I am glad I got to explore some of them and really can’t wait to explore the rest.


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