This is a typical morning for me.  Wake up from my alarm, stretch, put my glasses on and sit there for a little while more.  I’m sorry but I don’t know who gets right out of bed after their alarm goes off.  It usually takes me a little while.  The first sound you hear is my alarm.  The second one is me yawning to emphasize that I am still tired and clearly not a morning person.  The other sounds are me moving around.  The next sound is me pulling out my glasses and putting them on.  The last sound is me moving things around on my bedside table.

What I did for this assignment was just repeat how I woke up this morning.  I used soundcloud to record my morning movements.  It isn’t that much to describe, this is literally how I wake up in the morning!

Where Great Minds Get to Work and Eagles Soar!

Honestly, I don’t know how this could get any cornier/cheesier.  This is the cheesiest thing I have ever done.  I love UMW but it is so easy to mess with the saying, “Where Great Minds Get to Work.”  So I had to include that in there.  We are the eagles, so how could I not include “soar like an eagle?”  To put the cherry on top of the cheese sundae I added eagle sound effects.

I used soundcloud to record this.  Everything else I had already planned to say.  The last thing I needed to do was add sound effects.  So I used Youtube to find “Eagle sound effects.”  I used my phone for that, and when it came time to play it, I held my computer up to my laptop.

Assignment Prompt

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