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Assignment Prompt


I chose this picture because it makes me laugh.  I was on my habitat for humanity trip in Maryville, Tennessee which took place during spring break of this year.  It was cold and rainy, but it was one of the best times I have ever had.  This picture was taken toward the end of the day.  We had to clean off the paint brushes and rollers.  At this point we hadn’t done much in terms of actually building a house.  We were just cleaning paint rollers off that were used the previous day.  When you think of Habitat for Humanity you think of hammers and power saws, not hoses.

I wasn’t sure at first as to what picture to use.  I could have found some random one on the internet, but I wanted to make it more personal.  I picked this one, because like I said above, it made me laugh.  The difficult part was picking what to say and actually making the bubble.  Since this picture shows me doing something that not most people think of when the picture habitat for humanity, I thought it would be funny say what everyone was probably thinking.  To make the bubble, googled how to make speech bubbles.  I’m sure there was an easier way, but this worked too.  I got to this site called that inserted bubbles for you.  All you have to do is upload the photo.


Pet collage

visual assignment ds106

So for my second visual assignment of this week,  I decided to make a pet collage!  I thought my dog would be good for this because he is such a silly, but loving dog.  His name is Tillman.  We adopted him from the shelter when he was 6 months old.  He will be 7 on July 4th actually!

I googled collage makers online and found .  It was very easy to upload all the pictures from my computer.  As I have mentioned before,  I do take a lot of pictures of my dog so this proved easy for me.

Assignment Prompt


Color changer

IMG_5357 (1)

The picture I decided to change/edit was one I took sophomore year.  In it is Monroe Hall.  That day the skies were a beautiful blue color.  I remember that it was a surprisingly warm day for whatever month it was.

I went through my pictures and chose this photo.  I opened it on my macbook and just pressed the edit button. I know that there are many different ways of doing this.  I focused mainly on the color aspect of it.  I moved everything completely to the right or completely to the left, whatever I thought looked cooler.  It didn’t change the colors completely, but to me it looks a little eerie.  The shadows and highlights are enhanced and the trees look scary.

Assignment Prompt


What’s in Your Bag?


The contents of my bag/purse are simple.  It is because I don’t care to carry around too much throughout the day.

They include:  (1) My wallet – that is just a given.  You need your wallet for almost everything. (2) My car keys – I mean, how can I start my car without my keys? (3)  A water bottle – I always carry around a bottle of water.  Especially during the summer, it gets really hot, and people can get dehydrated.  (4) My microfiber lens cleaner – I wear my glasses more than I wear my contacts, and they can get dirty really easily.  (5) Hand Sanitizer – I just like to have it, it is always good to have. (6) Gum – I always like to have gum with me as well.

What I did was grabbed my purse and dumped the contents on the ground.  I set it up so the picture would look good.

Assignment Prompt


Common Everyday Object


My common everyday object was a purple stapler.  I chose this because it was the first thing I saw on my desk that made me think, “hmm I use that almost everyday.”  So I took a picture of it!  I used my iPhone to edit it.  I have a couple of picture editing apps so that is how I did it.  This is the original photo:


Assignment Prompt

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