Guess the movie!

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For this assignment, I wanted to do a movie that I had just seen recently actually.  I should have seen it a while ago though because it is such a classic.  I would probably consider it one of my favorite movies now.  By now it is about 21 years old.  Let’s see if you can guess it!!

For this assignment, I went to one of the links that was given to us.  The nounproject search.  I typed in the search bar 4 things that reminded me of this movie.  It was actually very simple.  I feel like I could do this for a lot of movies.  I had fun with this one.

Assignment Prompt


Design a license plate

Screen Shot 2015-06-28 at 7.15.43 PM

For this design assignment, I made my own vanity plate.  But instead of doing it for me, I did it from the viewpoint of any character really from “The Walking Dead.”  This also happens to be my favorite tv show, so that is another reason I did it.

This assignment was fairly easy to do if you google “online license plate maker” or anything like that really.  I really love The Walking Dead, so it was easy to choose this.  It is a Georgia license plate because a majority of the show takes place in Georgia.  It says “WTCH4WLKRS” which is easily translated to “Watch for walkers.”  In the show, they never actually say zombies.  Walkers is one of the words that they use.  I found a picture of the setting from the second season and thought that that would be a good background.  I did this all from  It was pretty straight forward, you can add text and a picture.

Assignment Prompt


Image 6-30-15 at 12.25 PM

For this assignment, which is 4 stars, I made my own computer background.  I was exploring with the “Paint 2″ app so there were many possibilities.  I wanted to make my simple, but also to get the point across.  I decided to have the background color as blue, because that is my favorite color, you know, why not?  I made the “DS106″ yellow because it stands out.  Next, I drew lines just to add a little more design to it.  I didn’t think I was finished yet so I used one of the tools and “spray painted” it with a purple and orange color.  The next thing I did was found icons.  I was scrolling through and a camera and computer screen seemed like the perfect fit.

This assignment wasn’t that difficult, I just had to find the right editing app, because I lack quite a few on my computer.  It was actually fun being able to design this.  It just shows that anybody could make their own computer background for anything.!

Assignment Prompt

Created my own design assignment!

Image 6-30-15 at 4.51 PM

This is the first assignment that I created.  I was walking on campus one day and saw the rock.  I know people decorate it all the time but you usually have to get permission for it.  For this you don’t have to!  I wanted to make it something that relates to me and UMW.  So that is what I put for the instructions.  You know, make it unique-ish to you.  This is related to me because I’ll be graduating this upcoming year with the class of 2016.  Even number years are goats as you all know by now.

I took the original picture of the rock.  Here is an easy way to get it. Then what I did was download it into my paint application on my mac, and “painted” it.  It is a pretty easy assignment.  It shouldn’t be that hard.  The prompt is here.

Who stole Bobby Flay’s favorite pan?

Image 7-1-15 at 12.34 PM

Famous chef Bobby Flay came to us saying that his favorite orange pan was missing.  We told him we’d get to the bottom of this right away.  It was a process, but we eventually found the culprit.

Bobby Flay had a couple of guests over on a Saturday Afternoon.  Those guests included other famous chefs – Rachael Ray and Guy Fieri.  The first thing we wanted to do was question both of them.  We tried to reach Guy first but he was busy.  So we went to Rachael.  She showed us that she already had a kitchen set with orange pans and pots.  She didn’t need anymore.  So we crossed her off our suspect list.

Guy Fieri was still “busy” so we decided to do some investigating.  We heard that he was off filming his show “Diners, Drive-Ins, and Dives.”  That’s the show where he drives around in his flashy red car to different restaurants and food places.  His car is pretty flashy, and so is his hair.  Why wouldn’t he want a flashy orange pan.  By the time we got to the place he was filming, they were done.  So we went to his house.  His car was outside.  We went inside, and saw him cooking, with the orange pan.  We had found our suspect.

I decided to have fun with this assignment.  I honestly couldn’t think of anything to do this for.  For some reason I was thinking of the Food Channel, and all these Chefs and shows came to my mind.  I decided to have it be a piece of missing kitchenware.  I like all these chefs but I kind of wanted to pick on Guy Fieri and his hair.

For this assignment, I found all the images off of google, Including the cork board background.  I uploaded all the images to my paint app on my computer and set the cork as the background.  I drew lines between all of the pictures connecting them to one another.  I really enjoyed this assignment.  I really saw where it came into play with digital storytelling and design.

Assignment Prompt

I’m just here for the treats

Image 7-1-15 at 1.11 PM

I took this picture of my dog back in February.  For some reason I really wanted a picture of hime where he was looking right at the camera because he never does that.  So I held a treat behind the phone, so it made it look like he wanted to pose.  The secret is out now.  I thought it would be great to caption what he was most likely thinking.

I got this picture from my flickr account.  I uploaded it into my paint app and added a text box.  He’s saying “She thinks I’m posing for this picture but I’m actually just waiting for that treat she’s got in her other hand.”  Which is honestly what all dogs think about sometimes.  This is great for digital story telling because without the caption, one would look at it and say…”what is the point?”

Assignment Prompt

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