TV show trailer -Will & Grace

For this assignment, we had to pick a show that has already ended and make a trailer.  One of my favorite shows – all time is Will & Grace.  This show ran from 1998 to 2006 on NBC.  It’s about the friendship between 4 adults living in New York.  The two main guy characters are gay, one always seemingly drunk women (but my favorite character) and an adventurous red head.  The song that is playing during the video is called “Love Will Keep Us Together” by Captain & Tennille.  I chose this song because I remember an episode where Will and Grace sang it to each other.  I thought it went perfectly with the clips.  I chose the clips that best represented all of the characters.  There were countless others I could have used but these worked the best.

I used iMovie again, this time I knew what to do so it didn’t take as long.  I found all of the clips on YouTube.  I already had the song that I wanted to use in my iTunes.  For some of the clips I took out the dialogue completely and for some of them the song was quieter so you could hear the dialogue.

This goes hand and hand with digital storytelling because I made basically a montage of the show.  You can kind of get a feel of what it is about and understand the hilarity that ensues!

Assignment Prompt

Tv show trailer

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Running Compilation Video

For this assignment, we had to make a compilation of similar things then add music to it.  I wasn’t sure what I was going to do at first.  I just sat there thinking.  I started thinking about movies and certain things that happen in movies.  That’s when I thought of it.  There are a lot of famous running scenes, even if it’s not that famous there are a lot of them.  So that is what I chose.  The music was easy and is actually from the movie that is in the first clip which is “Chariots of Fire.”  It ended up fitting perfectly.  That music goes perfect with any running scene really.

This is the first time I ever used iMovie so it was a little tricky at first.  But after I googled how to use it, it got a lot simpler.  I looked up on YouTube “running scenes from movies”, I found a few that I liked.  Next I uploaded them to iMovie.  I cut them down, so I could get the running scenes and a good amount of them.  Next, I found the song and added it to the video after I got rid of the other audio. Lastly, I added an opening page and a credits page.  I actually enjoyed using iMovie.

This relates to digital storytelling because you’re making a video yourself.  It is telling a story in a way that you understand what the video is about.  Running, specifically in movies.

Assignment Prompt

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Reading movies

I think of myself as a movie nerd, in terms of knowing a lot about movies and different things that go with it.  I took a film class a couple of semesters ago so there was some familiarity when reading Roger Ebert’s “How to Read a Movie” and watching different youtube videos like Top 20 cinematic techniques, Camera Angles and Techniques, and Example of editing Techniques.

After reading Roger Ebert‘s article, I learned some new things about really trying to understand and and analyze movies.  One of the basic techniques he used is a shot by shot analysis which I learned about in my film class here at UMW.  You look at each shot very closely and watch them numerous times.  One of the things that is emphasized is that shots and scenes are not the same thing.  People often make that mistake.  I think that the shot by shot analysis is very effective because it gives you a chance to focus on what you are trying to find.  The downside of it is that you can easily get bored…trust me.  He started using the cameras that football teams use to study the other team.  He set it up in a classroom and had an audience of students.  They’d watch scenes then comment on them.  Anybody could stop them to discuss.  This is a very good technique because it gets people involved but it does seem like it could get kind of messy.  The audience would be related to the movie he says.  He also talked about camera placement, character placement and angles and how it relates to the emotions of the characters and film.  This is something I never really thought about before, even in my film class.

I watched some of the videos that had examples in movies of different types of “cuts”, transitions, and angles.  All of them were for the most part familiar, but some of them had all different types of names.  I had seen these angles and cuts before but did not know the name associated with them.  One that I had never heard of was the “Dutch angle” but I had seen it before.

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all around magical-ness


magical light combined with smoke machines and smoke from fireworks during her last song of the night – Shake it Off!! 7/13/15

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Week 3 summary

This week was definitely the most challenging by far.  I mean it wasn’t terrible but it took some work.  I enjoyed some of it though.  I think I completed the assignments pretty well but I definitely could have done better.  Maybe I could have put more effort into it. What I enjoyed the most was listening to “The Truth” radio show.  It was very entertaining,  I could see myself listening them for fun in the future.  I learned a lot about what happens behind the scenes of radio shows, and what makes them so special and still relevant.  The things I would have done differently would have probably been the assignments.  I probably would have explored all the different options and tried something harder.  The only issue I had this week that came from “the outside” was that my computer had adware on it, so I had to use the computer at work.  It’s all fixed now but that gave me some trouble.

Ira Glass and Jad Abumrad

The World of Audio Storytelling

There are many points that both these guys made.  Ira Glass mainly talked about the process of telling a story over the radio.  He mentions how to get it started and where to go from there.  Glass mentions that not everyone starts out amazingly.  It takes a while.  You have to be tough and willing to take chances.  There are many pitfalls too.  You have to have a good personality and be yourself.

Jad Abumrad mainly talked about his passion for it.  He talks about how radio was supposed to “die” but it hasn’t seemed to yet.  Jad talks about how important it is, and how imaginative it is.

The Truth

The Truth – Falling, It’s Going to Change your life, and the Modern Prometheus

I listened to the three stories listed above.  I picked them because the description of “The Truth” was “movie for your ears.”  I wanted to be entertained, and I was!  These stories basically had a cast of characters.  When you listened, you pictured the scene in your head.  That is what was great about it, it was left up to your imagination.  They played music and sound effects in the background which gave it such a real feel to it.


It’s Going to Change your Life

The Modern Prometheus

Audio Assignments


Where Great Minds get to work and eagles soar!

Daily Creates


Beautiful Day in the Park

Basic Elements of drawing

Thanks for your time


Basic Element Drawing

Paper and Hand Drawing

Pen a tweet

Paper and Hand Drawing 2

Do you hear what I hear

Summary of Feedback

From the comments I am getting, it seems to me that I am doing and ok job.  A lot of us think a like and have the same thoughts.  I should branch out a little, maybe go the extra mile however.

What I learned this week

What I learned this week is how radio works, and how important/relevant it still is.  I learned about the different techniques that are used and that can be used.  I found the connection to audio and digital/visual storytelling.  They really go hand in hand.  With audio, you don’t really need the video part of it.  This week was really an eyeopener.

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The Truth – Falling, It’s Going to change your life, and The Modern Prometheus

I listened to the radio show The Truth.  This show is described as “movies for your ears.”  That is what ultimately caught my attention because I thought it would be the most entertaining.  I listened to three different stories.  They were called “Falling”, “It’s going to change your life”, and “The Modern Prometheus.”  I found myself getting carried away in these.  They were all so different but they all kept me interested.  It was EXACTLY like movies for your ears, except shorter.  Two of them turned out to be a little darker than I thought but still, very interesting.  They kind of made me want more out of the story, but that is one of the techniques that they used–they could fit a whole movie plot basically into less than 30 or 20 minutes.

There were plenty of sound effects in each of these stories.  That is what also made it more compelling.  It wasn’t just voice actors talking.  For example, in “Falling“, the main character is a vet.  When she is at work, you can hear dogs barking in the background.  When she was at home, you could hear the shower running.  The beginning was a “YouTube” video at a train station–you could hear the train as if it was right next to you.  The further away something was the more quiet or “muffled” it was, and the closer something was the louder it was.  “It’s going to change your life” had the sound of an airplane taking off and landing.  In “The Modern Prometheus” you hear the sounds of sprinklers going off in a building.

I think one of the things that impressed me was that I was able to follow the story pretty easily.  If they changed settings, I knew.  They either changed the background sound or the music. For example int “Prometheus”, they went on a news program, and that was easily followed because of the “opening” of the news program and when the news anchor stated his name.

I don’t think there were any “Wilhem screams” in these but that is something I’ve never noticed before.  I looked it up and found compilation videos on youtube where they show how many movies it can be heard in.  Which is a lot!  Foley sound could have also been used in this, but I’m not sure if it was that or just background they already had recorded.

It’s obvious how this relates to storytelling.  It was exactly a story being told!  It expanded my mind of how many different ways a story could be told.  You don’t actually have to see it on television or read it in a book.  You can hear it with your ears.  After listening to these stories, especially the fictional ones, I may actually continue to listen to them for fun!

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Thanks for your time

Life as we know it is gone
Earth was good to me

This daily create was a little dark, but nonetheless pretty easy!

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basic elements of drawing

FullSizeRender (5)

squares, triangles, circles oh my!

daily create 3

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The World of Audio Storytelling

I would say that I’m definitely more of a television person.  But for people my age, who isn’t these days?  There were some really interesting points made in these videos though.  Both of the experts talked so passionately about radio.  It made me think really hard about it and try to appreciate it more.  I didn’t know who either of these men were before now, that shows you how much I know about radio.

Ira Glass who is on the radio show “This American Life” talked about a couple of things.  He mentioned how to get started–building an anecdote or a sequence of actions.  He said that it doesn’t matter if it is boring, as long as it has momentum.  He also talked about how it is hard to find a decent story.  The easy part is producing it.  He said that you will have many ideas, but you will have to “kill” most of them.  By doing this, it makes room for your other stories to get better and succeed.  Good taste is another important part of telling a story.  Your first couple of stories might suck at first, but it will get better.  It takes a while. You have to be tough.  Lastly, he talked about the pitfalls.  These include people thinking that they should talk like someone that they heard on the radio previously, or have seen on television, and not having a good personality.  Glass says to talk like a human, be yourself and to be a good listener.  Don’t always talk about yourself.  Those are a couple of the golden rules of radio, I would say.

Jad Abumrad of “RadioLab” talked about the artistry of being on the radio.  He compared it to painting a picture.  However he says that it requires the listener as well.  It is a “co-authorship.”  He talks, and the listener uses their imagination to paint the picture in their head.  He describes it as intimate.  He says that “the power of this medium is rooted in the human voice.”

I think that everything that was mentioned by these two was spot on.  I had never thought about radio in this way.  It seems so beautiful now.  These videos made me realize the connection to digital and visual storytelling.  You listen to the radio and their telling a story.  You can’t actually see anything so you imagine it yourself.  You actually do the “visual” part of visual storytelling.  The Radio tells the story.

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Beautiful day in the park

Hand and paper drawing, daily create!

FullSizeRender (4)

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